The engineering documentation and transmittals solution for OpenText Content Server

Are you struggling to maintain control of your large capital project documentation? Is locating individual contracts or files taking significant time and effort? Is sharing documentation in a controlled fashion with your entire project team causing you issues?

Simplify management of engineering documentation

ProjectVaults Engineering Vault is the essential solution for managing structured project documentation within your organization. It provides a foundation for all collaborative process involving technical documentation. Engineering Vault ensures that documents are correctly managed throughout their lifecycle, including initial identification and delivery planning, creation, review, approval and publication. It saves you time, reduces errors and increases visibility across your project team.

  • Reduce risk of lost documentation and miscommunicated information
  • Streamline document lifecycle management processes
  • Enable efficient sharing and exchange of project documentation
  • A single repository for all engineering documents

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Engineering Vault

Engineering Vault enables organizations to streamline the collaborative processes surrounding capital project documentation and transmittals in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

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Create and manage document transmittals and engineering submissions

Engineering Vault's simple, web interface enables you to readily create and share document transmittals and engineering submissions with teams around the globe. Planned or informal transmittal can be generated, routed through pre-defined review/approval workflows and packaged ready for publication within just a few clicks. Engineering Vault also provides a Master Document List allowing project leaders to view and manage all packages and other structured project documentation throughout their entire life.

Through its integrated collaborative tools and notifications Engineering Vault ensures that team members are kept up-to-date with any content changes, regardless of whether are within the firewall or work from outside as contractors. With seamless integration into existing ERP and PPM platforms, Engineering Vault provides the total solution for your engineering document management.

  • Create a number documents according to pre-defined schemes
  • Secure approval processes with full audit trails
  • Ensure communicated deadlines and agreements are not missed
  • Secure collaboration across your entire project team - internal and external

Built upon the industry leading platform

Using ProjectVault's Engineering Vault for OpenText Content Server, your organization can extend its existing investment. Being built within the Content Server platform, Engineering Vault has access to all core system functionality. Documents can be added to, or trigger, workflow processes. Records management rules, archive and retention policies can also be applied.

  • Increase the ROI of your existing Content Server investment
  • Full access to existing Content Server functionality
  • Flexible, industry leading security, collaboration and workflow capabilities
  • Support for large, globally distributed project teams

The most cost-effective solution for managing engineering project documentation and transmittals

As an integral part of the OpenText Content Server, Engineering Vault ensures that project and technical documents are correctly managed throughout their lifecycle. If your organization delivers large capital projects, then Engineering Vault is the most cost-effective solution for improving management processes whilst reducing the associated risks and costs.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Engineering Vault

Streamline document lifecycle management

Clear documentation dashboards and structured processes ensure that information is captured, processed, shared and found more efficiently.

Increase transparency – reduce errors

By providing transparency and ensuring all documents are available to team members communication is improved and errors reduced.

scales to support global teams

Through its robust and tested web-based platform, information can be shared with teams of any size right around the globe.

Secure collaboration across the firewall

Share documentation, manage processes and interact with other team members both inside and outside the firewall.