The physical correspondence management solution for OpenText Content Server

Do you have problems readily capturing, sharing, tracking the use of physical documents within your projects? Do you waste valuable time tracking down faxes, letters or other paper communications? Would you like a simple-to-use correspondence solution that works with your existing Content Server platform?

See how Physical Correspondence Tracking helps you to simplify your correspondence processes

You’ve got mail! And now you can use it electronically

ProjectVault’s Physical Correspondence Tracking (CTP) is the essential solution for managing traditional paper-based communications associated with structured projects. It is the only complete physical correspondence management solution built upon OpenText Content Server. It enables you to capture, share, track and archive paper documentation. Correspondence items can trigger existing workflows and become part of a predefined regulated processes.

In addition, Physical Correspondence Tracking provides built-in localization capabilities, including Arabic language support. At any time, users can change their language preference and update the entire correspondence management UI on the fly.

  • Readily track all communication associated with the business
  • Integrate and optimize your physical communications process
  • Collaborate online and get timely responses
  • Built-in localization enables you to switch UI languages on the fly

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Physical Correspondence Tracking

ProjectVault Physical Correspondence Tracking enables the e cient management of paper, fax and all other traditional correspondence within structured OpenText Content Server projects.

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Reduce your costs and increase the collaboration

Trying to locate information contained within a physical letter or fax can be time consuming and frustrating. How do you share the fax that Joe from Acme Inc sent? How would you archive it for regulatory purposes? Using ProjectVault's Physical Correspondence Tracking, all these questions have just one simple answer.

Through the use of Physical Correspondence Tracking, you can eliminate overlooked and lost correspondence. Reducing errors means an increase in profit, especially when there are penalties associated with missed deadlines.

  • Reduce errors associated with manual processing of paper
  • Ensure staff are working on the most important communications first
  • Improve employee performance
  • Tight integration with Content Server

White Paper: Correspondence Management in Practice

Discover the various forms of correspondence management and learn how through use of OpenText ECM technology you can optimized your daily business processes.

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Improve security and increase transparency

No, that’s not a paradox. By increasing visibility of correspondence flowing around within your organization, teams know how to prioritize and will respond in a more timely fashion to tasks. In a physical document-centric environment, Physical Correspondence Tracking provides a one-stop solution. It saves users searching for information across multiple systems or physical locations, whatever the nature of the document.

As part of ProjectVault’s correspondence management suite, Physical Correspondence Tracking can be readily extended to include electronic correspondence and contact information. Using Physical Correspondence Tracking, you can extend your existing investment and not purchase a corresponding management solution.

  • Full correspondence scanning, filing and routing
  • Clearly identified decision making steps for response generation
  • Full tracking for collaboration/ endorsement

The only complete physical correspondence management solution for Content Server

As the only complete physical correspondence management solution built upon OpenText Content Server, Physical Correspondence Tracking enables you to capture, share, track and archive physical communications. It optimizes the communication process, saves time, reduces delays and eliminates lost paperwork.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Physical Correspondence Tracking

Increase Transparency – Reduce Costs

Reduces the amount of time spent looking for and managing the physical content associated with project-related and other contacts.

Increase Collaboration – Get Better Results

Clearly identify key activities, people and dates associated with the generation of responses. Integrated workflows manage response creation lifecycle.

Increase Data Quality and Consistency

Allows easy scanning and filing of physical documents. Identify correspondence easily thanks to an automatic and unique reference code.

Increase Accessibility – Faster Results

Enables the creation of connections between correspondence and Content Server objects (documents, faxes and other correspondence).