Capture, share and manage
your project-centric digital
correspondence with ease

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Manage formal correspondence
related to your business
in compliance with regulatory requirements

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Identify and locate contacts
associated with your documents,
projects or other structured processes

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Effectively manage your
business technical data

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Project and Communication Solutions for OpenText Content Server

ProjectVault is an OpenText Technology Partner providing solutions for OpenText Content Server that transform the way organizations manage their projects and related business communication flows. Our powerful augmented information technology delivers a seamless transition from information bulk to an orderly stream of meaningful information. We enable organizations to manage change, foster collaboration, and significantly improve ongoing business performance.

Optimize your communication processes with our business correspondence solutions

ProjectVault’s Correspondence Management Suite for OpenText is designed to take the risk and stress out of managing your corporate correspondence, regardless it is paper-based or electronic. Built with Content Server at its heart, it is the only complete correspondence management solution that enables all users to take full advantage of the latest ECM technology to turn unstructured information management into structured business communication flows.

Build a structure to your capital projects with our robust engineering solutions

ECT (Electronic Correspondence Tracking, also referred to as Engineering Correspondence Tracking in some industries) is the ultimate solution to provide your Project Team with complete control on who they are interacting with and what technical info is being exchanged. To do so, ECT leverages two pillars of our ECM strategy - ORG_MD and ENG_CORE – that provide a real-time synoptic view on all technical interactions occurring during the entire project execution, both within your organization and with your External Business Counterparts.

Engineering Core

If you're struggling to maintain control of your technical project documentation or with sharing documentation in a controlled fashion, then Engineering CORE is here to rescue you. Learn more 〉

Organization MasterData

If you need to follow rigorous document creation/approval processes, and track interactions with your External Counterparts, ProjectVault's ORG_MD is the single, integrated contact management solution that will change the way you interact with the rest of the world… Learn more 〉

Powerful. Easy. Flexible. Augmented Information by ProjectVault

ProjectVault solves the challenges associated with managing and running your large, complex projects. Our Augmented Information Management Framework harnesses the power of the Content Server platform to provide a rigorous, yet flexible, approach to managing your project data. ProjectVault is a certified OpenText Technology Partner.

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