The electronic correspondence management solution for OpenText Content Server

Are you losing control of your electronic correspondence? Is locating individual correspondence taking significant time and effort? Are your employees responding to emails in a timely fashion? Can you be sure that attachments arriving as part of electronic messages are extracted correctly and archived within your document repository?

See how Electronic Correspondence Tracking (ECT) helps you to simplify your correspondence processes

Reduce your team's email traffic

ProjectVault’s Electronic Correspondence Tracking is the essential solution for managing the electronic communications associated with your structured projects. It helps optimize your communications processes by enabling team members to readily capture, share, track and archive emails and other electronic communications. It saves you time, reduces delays and eliminates unnecessary email traffic. In addition, Electronic Correspondence Tracking provides built-in localization capabilities, including Arabic language support. At any time, users can change their language preference and update the entire correspondence management UI on the fly.
  • Reduce inter-team email traffic, no need for numerous CC and BCC's
  • Securely capture all electronic project correspondence in one place
  • All team members have access to shared communications
  • Built-in localization enables you to switch UI languages on the fly

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Electronic Correspondence Tracking

Electronic Correspondence Tracking optimizes project-centric communications process, enabling users to capture, share, track and archive emails and other electronic communications.

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Improve control and increase efficiency

With a simple drag and drop action from within Outlook, team members can quickly store email communications into the appropriate project archive. Electronic Correspondence Tracking also automatically extracts attachments and adds them into the repository too. A concise correspondence dashboard enables all team members to see the communications associated with each project, whilst integration with Content Server tasks and workflows ensures that agreed deadlines are captured and met. In addition, additional modules for physical correspondence and contact information can be added, thus enabling you to readily track all communications associated with your business projects.
  • Readily share messages in a controlled manner
  • Capture and store messages as part of a regulated process
  • Ensure communicated deadlines and agreements are not missed
  • Powerful search/filtering options make the right information available on time

White Paper: Correspondence Management in Practice

Discover the various forms of correspondence management and learn how through use of OpenText ECM technology you can optimized your daily business processes.

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Build upon what you already use

Using ProjectVault's Electronic Correspondence Tracking for OpenText Content Server, your organization can extend its existing investment. Being built as a module within the Content Server platform, Electronic Correspondence Tracking has access to all core system functionality. Emails can be added to or trigger workflow processes, and records management rules, archive and retention policies can also be applied.
  • Integrate and optimize your electronic communications process
  • Maximize your existing Content Server investment
  • Ensure deadlines are met using workflow triggers
  • Full access to existing Content Server functionality

The only complete electronic correspondence tracking solution for Content Server

As an integral part of the OpenText Content Server, Electronic Correspondence Tracking ensures that correspondence remains tightly connected with other business content. Sharing individual email messages into the Shared Content Server repository in a controlled manner turns unstructured communication into a valuable asset for the entire organization. Electronic Correspondence Tracking is the essential tool for integrating and optimizing your electronic communications process.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Electronic Correspondence Tracking

Deliver beyond expectations

With clearer understanding of internal and external stakeholders’ communications, users are able to meet and exceed project requirements.

Increase Transparency – Reduce Mistakes

By providing transparency and ensuring all communications are available to key project members, you deliver consistently. All inbound and outbound correspondence is available in a single place.

Outlook desktop integration

Import incoming correspondence directly from personal MS Outlook accounts. Emails can be then categorized and imported and a unique correspondence code is created.

Connect with the Connections Dashboard

Connect correspondence to related Content Server objects and interact with other team members through the Connections Dashboard.