The formal correspondence management solution for OpenText Content Server

Are you able to efficiently manage the processes behind your formal correspondence in a compliant fashion? Do you find it difficult to track who has signed-off which communications and when? Are you able to readily see and track content that relates to your formal communications, in context?

See how Formal Correspondence Tracking helps you to simplify your correspondence processes

Track and manage all formal correspondence

ProjectVault’s Formal Correspondence Tracking is the essential solution for managing the content and processes surrounding your formal business correspondence. It helps organizations establish a structured review and sign-off process for all formal and controlled correspondence in a secure and timely fashion. In addition, Formal Correspondence Tracking provides built-in localization capabilities, including Arabic language support. At any time, users can change their language preference and update the entire correspondence management UI on the fly.
  • Pre-defined review and approval workflow processes for formal correspondence
  • Built-in localization enables you to switch UI languages on the fly
  • Centralize all your official correspondence
  • Tailorable review and approval processes

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Formal Correspondence Tracking

Enable team members to capture, share, review and approve formal and official correspondence related to their official business in a structured and secure manner, aligned with regulatory requirements.

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Keep your formal correspondence in context

To ensure that they can be accurately assessed, formal correspondence needs to be reviewed and approved in the context of other content. ProjectVault’s Formal Correspondence Tracking enables you to generate official correspondence as part of a package of related content, thus allowing your communications team to view and maintain official correspondence in context. Relationships can be tracked and monitored through the life of the communication and should questions arise in the future, the full package can be recalled and reviewed.
  • Maintain official correspondence in context
  • Manage and retrieve all correspondences, according to a clearly-defined navigation structure
  • Have a complete overview of the life-cycle of a formal communication
  • Improve the decision-making processes

White Paper: Correspondence Management in Practice

Discover the various forms of correspondence management and learn how through use of OpenText ECM technology you can optimized your daily business processes.

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Effectively manage controlled and confidential correspondence in a compliant manner

For many larger organizations, the management of confidential information is also a key requirement. Using Formal Correspondence Tracking , confidential information can be managed in the same way as other formal correspondence with the added ability to strictly control who is able to see the content or know that it even exists. Additionally, businesses operating in highly regulated industries such as energy, government and life sciences are subjected to various internal and external regulations regarding their formal correspondence. ProjectVault’s Formal Correspondence Tracking solution is the ideal package for maintaining the integrity of my formal and official business communications.
  • Achieve certifications such as GPEA, DoD 5015, and Section 508 accessibility
  • Attachments go through pre-defined review and approval workflow processes
  • Apply records management archiving and retention policies

Build upon what you already use

Using ProjectVault's Formal Correspondence Tracking for OpenText Content Server, your organization can extend its existing investment. Being built as a module within the Content Server platform, Formal Correspondence Tracking has access to all core system functionality. Correspondence can be added to workflow processes and records management rules, archive and retention policies can also be applied.
  • Integrate and optimize your formal and controlled communications process
  • Maximize your existing Content Server investment
  • Ensure deadlines are met using workflow triggers
  • Full access to existing Content Server functionality

The only formal correspondence management solution for OpenText Content Server

As the only complete formal correspondence management solution built within OpenText’s Content Server platform, Formal Correspondence Tracking enables team members to capture, share, review and approve formal and official correspondence related to their official business in a structured and secure fashion.

If your organization releases official communications or other controlled correspondence, then ProjectVault Formal Correspondence Tracking is the essential tool for ensuring the integrity of your communications process.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Formal Correspondence Tracking

Deliver beyond expectations

With clearer understanding of internal and external stakeholders’ communications, users are able to meet and exceed project requirements.

Increase Transparency – Reduce Mistakes

By providing transparency and ensuring all communications are available to key project members, you deliver consistently. All inbound and outbound correspondence is available in a single place.

Enable industry Compliance

Enables organizations to achieve critical certifications and compliance with common industry standards and regulations such as GPEA, DoD 5015, and Section 508 Accessibility.

Connect with the Connections Dashboard

Connect correspondence to related Content Server objects and interact with other team members through the Connections Dashboard.