The best technical document lifecycle management solution for OpenText Content Suite

Do technical or engineering documentation forms an integral part of your business? Are you willing to consolidate all your engineering documents into a single technical Information hub? Do you want to bring back control to your project document management processes?

Transform your technical data into a valuable business asset

ProjectVault Engineering CORE is an engineering document management solution for the OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. It is built to support the extensive technical documentation and information management needs of construction, manufacturing and other documentation-driven projects. It enables you to plan, execute and optimize your Content Suite workflow processes, improve your ability to make accurate business decisions, and develop effective project document control.
  • Make critical approvals and business decisions on reliable data
  • Avoid expensive contractual or legal implications due to inconsistent data
  • Streamline your in-house document-centric business processes
  • Store your engineering data into a single technical information hub

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Engineering CORE

Engineering CORE enables you to organize, plan, and execute your project engineering, improving your ability to make timely and accurate business decisions.

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Adaptive taxonomies support your every need

Taxonomies help us understand the nature of the information that we interact with, and typically describe a structure that we use to organize the information. With engineering systems developing rapidly and new standards being created on a regular basis, it is important that your tools can grow and adapt too. Engineering CORE allows administrators and document controllers to build and adapt the taxonomies they use. Every repository, project, and asset can be tagged with a dedicated set of metadata that accurately describes the content, its purpose, status, version… and other business information. Users can decide which data they want to display in their dashboards and in what order. At any point in time, they can set their own filters and sorting, and save these settings as their individual preferences to be applied whenever they log back in.
  • A standard set of taxonomies is available as default for all repositories
  • Add additional fields to best describe each product, project, or asset
  • Upload taxonomies in bulk along with documents and files
  • Filter, sort, and display metadata items according to user needs
  • Use filtering options to bulk-download technical info
  • Display technical info according to individual language and file type preferences

Built upon the industry leading platform

Work breakdown structures are a hierarchical structure that defines the components or outcomes of a project. More precisely, they break down complex activities into smaller, more manageable nodes. For example, building a house requires the preparation of foundations to be accomplished before starting to build the ground floor. Work breakdowns operate in a similar fashion, ensuring everything is accounted for before any actual work begins. Engineering CORE allows up to 3 concurrent breakdown structure hierarchies to be assigned to each repository. These breakdowns can be created or edited online or extracted from external scheduling tools such as MS Project or Oracle Primavera.
  • Monitor in detail document status and progress at the individual document level
  • Handle all the info required to calculate and summarize engineering documents progress, earned value and S-curve
  • Bulk download of documents & metadata at any point in time according to any WBS and filtering criteria

Support for numerous complex document management scenarios

Whether your organization is product, project, or asset-driven, Engineering CORE’s flexibility and adaptability provides you with an environment that is able to manage your complex documentation structures. Moreover, no customization is required - it’s just a matter of configuring your technical repositories to fit your individual business needs.
  • Display one or more repository types
  • Set roles and permissions to segregate access for different types of users
  • Easily link or copy documents from one repository to another
  • Change document status according to business rules
  • Handle multiple document file types and languages for each document

The founding element of your consolidation strategy for dispersed technical information around your business

If technical or engineering documentation forms an integral part of your business, you're ready for Engineering CORE. Make the most out of your Content Suite or Extended ECM investment by consolidating all your engineering documents into a single technical Information hub, and bring back control to your document management processes.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Engineering CORE

Simplify Your Information Hub

Manage all of our internal and partner Engineering data and have it accessible as part of your enterprise business processes.

Control Your Technical Knowledge

Preserve and enrich your technical knowledge base, enabling an efficient and repeatable template of the most important surrounding processes.

Reduce the Risk and the Effort

Easily access a technical repository that is consistent and trustworthy. Avoid expensive contractual or legal implications due to incorrect data.

Orchestrate Multiple Sources

Orchestrate engineering documents from multiple sources such as internal, contractors, suppliers, business partners etc.