Employees and External Counterparts MasterData management for OpenText Content Server

Is your organization using OpenText Content Server to manage structured, document-centric processes? Do you find it difficult to track the relationships between contacts and the content they produce or are involved with? Would you like a single, integrated contact management solution for your correspondence?

One contact database to rule them all

ProjectVault’s ORGMD is your ideal solution for managing contacts using OpenText Content Server. It enables you to centrally store, share and manage business contact information in a secure fashion. Its centralized database enables you to readily identify and locate any contacts associated with your documents, projects or other structured processes. ORGMD can be used to store both internal and external contact information. Through the use of a single database, all your teams are guaranteed access to the latest information. There is no longer a need to synchronize personal address books or use traditional Excel spreadsheets. Quickly and easily search internal and external contacts Increase data transparency across processes and throughout your entire business Retire that old Excel spreadsheet …

Data Sheet: ProjectVault ORGMD Database

ProjectVault ORGMD enables users to centrally store, share and manage project-centric contact information in a secure fashion, improving information integrity and data transparency across your business.

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Track the associations between your content and contacts

Many organizations struggle with the chaos surrounding the relationships between their business contacts and content. Which documents did Joe from Acme Inc share with us? Who do we need to involve in the discussions surrounding this RFP or product specification? Which customers have you shared this presentation with? Using the Partner and Correspondent Database these challenges are no more. Through the use of extended categories and attributes, ORGMD enables associations to be quickly made between any Content Server item and the business contacts associated with it. ORGMD supports Teams creation for both your internal organization and projects and for external counterparts. ORGMD powerful filtering options enable you to search and view relationships, enabling you to quickly drill down through relationship hierarchy's and find the people or content you need. Track and maintain content and contact relationships Native integration with Content Server documents and objects Access contact information instantly from any object Powerful reporting tools enable you to search for and view sets of related content or people

Improve information security

To maintain information integrity and data security, ORGMD enables you to control which members of your team can see and update contact information. Its extension of the standard Content Server permissions model provides both administrative and end-user roles, ensuring that only certain members of your project team are able to create, modify or view contact information. Most important, ORGMD is bundled in all our Correspondence solutions and enable Document controllers to easily set team-based permissions on any Engineering Correspondence Tracking set-up, regardless of its complexity. Increase correspondent information security and reduce data leaks Ensure contact details is only modified by approved users Enable team/roles based permission setting for both ECT and FCT deployment

The only complete contact and team management solution for Content Server

As the only complete contact management solution built upon OpenText Content Server, ORGMD enables you to securely store, share and manage internal and external business contact and team information related to the projects and processes you are working on.

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Benefits of ProjectVault ORGMD Database

Increase Transparency – Reduce Costs

ORGMD reduces the amount of time spent looking for and managing the content and permission associated with project-related contacts and teams. Through the creation of content-contact relationships ORGMD makes it easy to identify which content is associated with which contact/team(s).

Increase Security – Reduce Data Leakage Risks

ORGMD enhances the quality and accuracy of contact information. All data entered within the ORGMD is available to users according to their roles and access permissions.

Increase Data Quality and Consistency

As ORGMD guarantees the uniqueness of data, no duplicate contacts exist. Through centralized management of contact information users always have access to the latest, up-to-date contact team/organization information.

Increase Accessibility – Faster Results

Allow your users to find the contact information they need in an easy and quick way. ORGMD can be accessed individually or simultaneously by multiple Content Server users.