ProjectVault Correspondence Management Suite

Are you losing control of your correspondence? Do you need to more effectively manage project or formal correspondence? Are you aware of and meeting response deadlines?

ProjectVault's Correspondence Management Suite for OpenText is designed to take the risk and stress out of managing your various corporate correspondence. Built with Content Server at its heart, it is the only complete correspondence management solution that enables OpenText ECM users to take full advantage of their existing investment.

Formal Correspondence Tracking

ProjectVault’s Formal Correspondence Tracking solution is the ideal package for maintaining the integrity of all formal and official business communications. If you need to track who signed-off which communications and when it was approved, then let Formal Correspondence Tracking take control of your back-office processes.

Electronic Correspondence Tracking

ProjectVaults's Electronic Correspondence Tracking turns unstructured communication into a valuable asset for your entire organization. If your inbox is full of project emails or you're just losing track of your electronic correspondence, then let Electronic Correspondence Tracking bring order to the chaos.

White Paper: Correspondence Management in Practice

Discover the various forms of correspondence management and learn how through use of OpenText ECM technology you can optimized your daily business processes.

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Physical Correspondence Tracking

ProjectVault's Physical Correspondence Tracking enables you to capture, share, track and archive paper documentation If you need to bring the paper-based world into the realm of your modern electronic business processes, then let Physical Correspondence Tracking make the connection.