The standard operating procedure library for OpenText Content Server

Does regulation mean that you need to follow rigorously documented and approved processes? Is it essential that you know which version of SOPs that your staff and contractors are using at any specific time? Is your business at risk if you are unable to effectively distribute standard procedures around your entire team, including internal and external participants? Do you find maintenance of SOPs and good practice documentation is a time consuming and costly burden on your business or department?

Centralized management and sharing of SOPs and GxPs

ProjectVault’s Standard Operating Procedure solution is the essential application for creating and managing SOP and GxP documentation within controlled or regulated Content Server environments. It manages the entire lifecycle of your documented SOPs, from creation to destruction and provides a foundation for all collaborative process involving procedural documentation.

Being web-based, ProjectVault SOP enables all members of your team to collect and review operating procedures from wherever they may be located. Full audit logs also ensure that you can monitor exactly who access processes and which version they were using at any time - something essential for regulatory compliance. As the only complete SOP management solution built directly within OpenText’s Content Server platform, ProjectVault SOP does not require the installation of any third-party modules, reducing support and training overheads.

  • A single repository for all standard procedural documents
  • Reduce risk of lost documentation and miscommunicated information
  • Always know which processes your team were using
  • Support for large, globally distributed project teams

Data Sheet: ProjectVault Standard Operating Procedures

ProjectVault Standard Operating Procedures enables organizations to reduce the costs and risks associated with creating, managing and distributing standard operating procedures and good practice (GxP) documentation.

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Simple, template-driven production and approval processes

ProjectVault SOP reduces the time and cost involved in creating new SOPs, making it easy to author new procedures. Using form-driven MS Word-based templates, users can quickly create SOP content which is then automatically populated into a base document.

Once ready for approval, ProjectVault SOP provides structured update workflows that trigger automatic approval and revision flows as well as granting control for any editing or redaction process. Any changes are audited and approved documents readily published to your entire organization.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of structured SOPs
  • Permissions ensure that only defined users can change or approve content
  • Secure approval processes provide full change logs
  • Automated notifications ensure that deadlines are not missed

Essential management dashboard and overviews

Through its advanced SOP management dashboard ProjectVault Standard Operating Procedure provides a detailed overview of all best practice documents. Management are instantly able to view the current status of any process, including its expiration date and whether it is currently under review. Meanwhile, advanced filters provide powerful search capabilities, helping users locate individual process documentation and graphical views enable browsing of procedures based on the organization, department or resource they are associated with.

  • Comprehensive overview of all operating procedures
  • Ensure that review and retirement deadlines are never missed
  • Search and locate any SOP content within a couple of clicks
  • Simple navigation based on common taxonomies

The most cost-effective solution for managing operational and good practice documentation

ProjectVault Standard Operating Procedure ensures that all operating procedures documents are correctly managed throughout their lifecycle. If your organization manages libraries of operating documentation within Content Server, then ProjectVault SOP leverages your existing investment, reduces operating costs and minimizes the risks associated with the use of incorrect processes.

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Benefits of ProjectVault Standard Operating Procedures

Reduce cost of managing SOPs & GxPs

Simple interfaces and minimal user training ensure that procedures are easily created, updated, published and consumed.

Streamline Document Lifecycle Management

Clear procedure dashboards and structured processes ensure that information is captured, processed, shared and found more efficiently.

Increase Transparency – Reduce Risk

By providing transparency and ensuring all procedures are available to team members the risk of errors is significantly reduced.

Secure Sharing Across the Firewall

Share procedures, manage processes and interact with other team members both inside and outside the firewall.